Until 2010, we would bang our heads trying to think of cool and innovative holiday presents to send to our clients and partners. We’d done it all – Mugs, Red Staplers, Canvas Bags, Feel Good Bundles (tea, incense and organic goodies) – you name it, we’d sent it.

So last year we decided that we were finally going to do something different. Rather than sending a cool tsotchke (one that will most likely end up in a landfill), we decided it was time to give away something with value – something that gives and keeps giving. We realized the idea was right in front of us. Why not give “ourselves” away?

So we decided to offer a grant of our services to one company or organization that doing something to better our planet. Isn’t that fantastic? We think so – in fact. we think it’s Grantastic!

Grantastic News

Jan 2011 - Imagistic Giving Away $15,000 in Web Services With Grantastic

April 2011 - Imagistic Selects Grantastic Winner: Innocence Project - New Orleans

December 2011 - Imagistic Opens Grantastic 2012 for Applications

January 2012 - Imagistic Launches Site for Innocence Project New Orleans

March 2012 - Imagistic Selects Top Honors as Grantastic Winner 2012

April 2013 - Imagistic Selects 2013 Grantastic Winner - Gay-Straight Alliance Network