July 2013

Part of the University of California's Latin American Institute, the Hispanic American Periodicals Index (HAPI) reviews articles and other materials from more than 500 key social science and humanities journals published throughout the world.

In 2011, HAPI hired Imagistic to reverse engineer their existing infrastructure, document it for reference, and design a new system with improved efficiencies, a minimized reliance on paper, and an increase in user and system accuracy. HAPI's internal indexing and review process used a combination of disparate technological and paper-based systems including Filemaker databases, PERL scripts, index cards, paper printouts and filing protocols.

This month, after more than two years of pre-production and development, Imagistic successfully launched the new system which is a custom application using the CodeIgniter web application framework and jQuery. "We are so incredibly thrilled at the results of this effort. Having spent the time to understand and document their existing business process, we were able to successfully replicate, remove and / or improve every single piece of the HAPI workflow," explained Kevin Howard Goldberg, President of Imagistic.

Orchid Mazurkiewicz, HAPI's Director continued by saying, "Imagistic has developed an application that takes the place of four decades worth of cobbled-together lists, databases, and programs that previously managed our data and workflow. ... It’s been a considerable upfront investment in time and resources but the payoff is already clear."

More About HAPI
HAPI is the de-facto source for authoritative, worldwide information about Central and South America, Mexico, Brazil, the Caribbean basin, the United States-Mexico border region, and Hispanics/Latinos in the United States. HAPI Online, part of the Latin American Center and UCLA’s International Institute, combines current information about Latin America with in-depth coverage spanning more than thirty years, from 1970 to the present. Now containing nearly 300,000 citations, HAPI Online grows at the rate of about 7,000 records a year. http://hapi.ucla.edu

About Imagistic
Founded in 1997, Imagistic is a business and technology solutions firm. Our mission is to help organizations use technology to support their business and improve their bottom line. With a strong attention to detail and exceptional client service, Imagistic offers a proven track record of hundreds of satisfied clients and successful implementations around the world. Our talented and seasoned staff offers decades of experience in business technology strategy, technology forensics / analysis, pre-development consultation, Internet and custom software development, content strategy, project management, design, and information architecture.