October 2010

Imagistic has just launched an affordable, quick-to-market solution for franchises and multi-unit businesses: muse.

muse is built on the highly acclaimed content
management system, Drupal. Thousands of successful sites have been built on this platform -- from AOL Corporate to the White House. What makes muse different is that it's pre-built and pre-configured for organizations with mulitple sites, locations, franchises, and associations -- so tasks such as design, layout, programming, hosting, and launching a new, robust site are now a reachable goal.

muse is also available for 1/3 the price of
commercial content management systems (that have license fees that can run as much as $100K), and offers a faster time-to-market (as little as 10-30 days to three months, as opposed to 6-9 months. And, you can launch additional sites in just minutes).

muse comes in two site packages that both include managed shared hosting.

Visit http://muse.imagistic.com for more information.

About Imagistic
Founded in 1997, Imagistic is a business and technology solutions firm. Our mission is to help organizations use technology to support their business and improve their bottom line. With a strong attention to detail and exceptional client service, Imagistic offers a proven track record of hundreds of satisfied clients and successful implementations around the world. Our talented and seasoned staff offers decades of experience in business technology strategy, technology forensics, RFP/RFQ/RFI consultation, Internet and custom software development, content strategy, project management, design, and information architecture.