Workforce Benchmarking Network - Reports Page
May 2014

After the Benchmarking Network moved from within Public/Private Ventures to the Corporation for a Skilled Workforce, Imagistic was tasked with reverse engineering the internal process used to generate survey reports. Once completed, the Imagistic team would help process a new set of survey results to be published online, and document what was learned through the process so it could be repeated more easily in the future.

Data for the reports is collected using an online survey and transferred as an SPSS dataset to the Workforce Benchmarking Network team. The data is then cleaned and analyzed, and the results are placed in a new SPSS dataset. Once in this final SPSS dataset, there are a number of processes and data "hand-shakes" needed to get the data, database and reports generated and synchronized for the participating organizations.

"This was a really fun project for us because it required us to work in some new applications and program in a variant of Visual Basic to process the chart data through Excel into images," explained Imagistic president, Kevin Howard Goldberg. The project ended up going very smoothly and the documentation combined various internal documents and notes into a single step-by-step process description.

Stacy Woodruff-Bolte was very pleased with the process, saying "... I appreciate [Imagistic's] ability to translate technical language into my language - that is not a skill many possess. It's made working with [Imagistic] on the refresh and overhaul of the ... reporting portal a rather smooth process."

About the Workforce Benchmarking Network
The ultimate goal of the Workforce Benchmarking Network is to promote success for low-skilled job seekers, the companies that employ them and the communities they live in—by ensuring that quality data about services and outcomes is available, and by building the field’s capacity to use that data to create more effective programs and policies.

About Imagistic
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