Apex Systems Goes SOLR

Apex Systems job search page

When Apex Systems grew unhappy with the service, response time, and flexibility of their third-party job search management application, they enlisted the team at Imagistic to develop an effective solution. Imagistic analyzed other third-party job search options, but ultimately found the answer in-house at Apex Systems. Another division within the company wrote a SOLR-based application that provided the fundamental behind-the-scenes tools, while Imagistic developed the essential front-end management of the search and display for users. These efforts kept all critical job search software within the Apex structure, reducing costs and ensuring a smooth integration between the site and the applicant tracking system (ATS).

“It was a somewhat complex workflow because the data touches a few applications once it comes out of their ATS (Bullhorn),” Imagistic President Kevin Howard Goldberg explained. “However, this change has already proven beneficial. Bringing this technology in-house was not only more cost-effective, but has enabled a much quicker turnaround for recent enhancements of the search and user experience.”

About Apex Systems

Apex Systems is a technology services business that provides solutions for clients’ digital needs in the areas of digital innovation, modern enterprise, workforce mobilization, and partnerships with other companies.

About Imagistic

Founded in 1997, Imagistic is a web-based business solutions company whose mission is to empower organizations using a business-centric approach to the use of technology. With a strong attention to detail, a focus on strategy and bottom line, and exceptional client service, Imagistic offers a proven track record of hundreds of satisfied clients and successful implementations around the world. Its talented and seasoned staff offers decades of experience in business technology strategy, web development, Internet and custom software development, content strategy, creative services, and information architecture.