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Imagistic was asked to bring together a group of key stakeholders across the company to discuss and design a vision for Oxford's digital ecosystem.  Leveraging expertise across the organization, the goal was to create a clear vision for cross-department and cross-application communication and cooperation.  "By identifying all the touch points between departments, we were able to identify synergies to enhance the customer experience. By sharing goals, processes, and most importantly, sharing data through clear points of integration, a vast set of untapped opportunities became crystal clear," explained Imagistic CEO, Kevin Howard Goldberg.

About Oxford Global Resources

Since 1984, Oxford has focused on building trust with each interaction. We’re proud to create long-lasting relationships with the brightest minds in the industry while continuing to identify and drive initiatives that advance our clients’ business.

About Imagistic

Founded in 1997, Imagistic is a web-based business solutions company whose mission is to empower organizations using a business-centric approach to the use of technology. With a strong attention to detail, a focus on strategy and bottom line, and exceptional client service, Imagistic offers a proven track record of hundreds of satisfied clients and successful implementations around the world. Its talented and seasoned staff offers decades of experience in business technology strategy, web development, Internet and custom software development, content strategy, creative services, and information architecture.