Donate My Card

Project Overview

Donate My Card asked us to evaluate the software integrity and system security of their current systems; they they us to rebuild their application.

Imagistic delivered a Business Technology Plan based on the analysis of existing code base responding to efficiency system vulnerabilities: SQL injections and extensibility. We then rebuilt the application from scratch to be more efficient, easier to manage and more secure.

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Project Details
  • Comprehensive technology plan
  • Security plan detailing each point of analysis security holes and solution mechanisms
  • System rebuild recommendation plan
  • Full system rebuild
  • Security holes addressed and fixed
  • Robust custom ecommerce solution
  • Business Technology Strategy
  • Technology Forensics / Analytics
  • Pre-Development Consultation
  • Custom Software Solution
  • Web Development
  • eCommerce
  • Project Planning / Management
  • Graphic Design
About Donate My Card
Donate My Card is a company dedicated to providing a secure, user-friendly method for consumers to donate an estimated $8 billion in annual remnant gift and pre-paid debit card values, and for sharing those funds with major non-profit organizations across America.