Project Overview

Hollywood.com asked Imagistic to completely revamp the user interface for their high-profile, intensely targeted site -- catering to their massive celebrity fan base.

Imagistic delivered comprehensive information architecture and a Business Technology Plan, which served as the core foundation of their revamped site.

Hollywood.com - Home Page
Hollywood.com - Movies Page
Hollywood.com - Celebrities Page
Hollywood.com - Videos and Trailers Page
Project Details
  • Better visual/content organization
  • Improved usability flow and site navigation
  • Dynamic display of fan content, with custom-built celebrity widget
  • Improved performance and administration with the Platform, a recommended video publisher
  • Ease of incorporating user-generated content, with our consultation on integrating Pluck, a social media engine
  • 10%-30% page visit increase
  • 3.5 million visitors monthly
  • Business Technology Plan: Application Assessment
  • Pre-Development Consultation
  • Project Planning / Management
  • Creative Services
  • Information Architecture / UX
  • Graphic Design
About Hollywood.com
Hollywood.com is a leading provider of news, information, and ticketing covering the entertainment and media industries -- breaking entertainment news, what's new at the movies, TV news, celebrities, hot photos, and the latest movie clips and trailers.