Project Overview

PIP asked us to valuate a custom-built internal software application and process for a firm they were planning to acquire.

Imagistic delivered a detailed specifications to valuate their application on a component-by-component level. Further, Imagistic identified areas of risk within the application and provided recommendations on fixes to the risk areas.

PIP Printing and Marketing Services
Project Details
  • Detailed document identifying value of potential new company
  • Security optimization with risk identification and recommendations
  • Informed valuation consult resulted in acquisition of new business unit
  • Business Technology Plan: Risk Assessment, Data Analysis
  • Business Technology Strategy
  • Technology Forensics / Analytics
  • Project Planning / Management
About PIP
For more than 40 years, PIP has been providing printing and marketing services designed to help companies grow and meet their business growth objectives. Their products and services support marketing such as lead generation, cross-sell and up sell, customer retention, reactivation, branding and more.