Reaching for the Top

But don't take our word for it ...

Imagistic strives to deliver excellence in all that it does!

Here's a sampling of what some of our clients have had to say about that.
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Apex Systems

Shawn Handley
Senior Vice President

"We hired Imagistic and Kevin to stand up a new site in roughly 65 days for a rebranding. Kevin was an incredible PM throughout the whole process and was the main reason we hit our target launch date. He really came through considering we had a lot on the line with an entire rebranding."

Franchise Services, Inc.

Christian Lau
Vice President, Information Services

"... one of my most trusted technology partners. We’ve worked on several development projects, assessments and technology-centric initiatives together over the past 13 years. [Kevin] is a very personable guy with an outstanding work ethic and a penchant for learning new things... He is a no-nonsense person and always delivers as promised."

Softworld, Inc.

Mark Finocchario
Vice President, Recruiting and Delivery Services

"The site is working flawlessly by the way. It really improved our automation and marketing. Great work especially considering the [3rd party software integration] headaches. If you ever need a client reference let me know."

Workforce Benchmarking Network

Stacy Woodruff-Bolte

"I repeat that I appreciate [Imagistic's] ability to translate technical language into my language - that is not a skill many possess. It's made working with [Imagistic] on the refresh and overhaul of the Workforce Benchmarking Network website and reporting portal a rather smooth process. I am pleased with how it has turned out."

Revenue Watch Institute

Jed Miller
Internet Director

"I've been lucky to have Imagistic's help with two large non-profit projects, on everything from vision and strategy to site architecture and coding. Not only do they give their all to make your mission a Web reality, they also really listen, which leads to clearer plans and better decisions."

Daniels Jewelers

David Sherwood

"Relaunching a website is no small feat, particularly with an aggressive timetable. Imagistic was able to handle not only the core build-out, but they also built a unique, flexible, and state-of-the-art jewelry configurator that has been running bug-free since 2005. The combination of ingenuity and hard work made the overall project a success."


Brian Caldwell
Head of Customer Acquisition and Loyalty

"Imagistic did more than just redesign our Web site. They went beyond the call of duty to learn the ins and outs of our business and developed an online system that enabled our customers to identify the service they need and the person to call. Not only did our leads increase, but Imagistic delivered a Web site that clearly defined who we are and what we have to offer."

SVi Training Products

Arthur Klitofsky

"Excellent people to work with, always helpful. [Imagistic] has done a great job of helping us to market our Web site!"


Chris McGinness
Managing Director, Software Development

"Imagistic handled our redesign project. During our design, they worked well with our project manager and business owners, and they provided us access to their top User Experience experts, who delivered the best quality wire frames that I've seen. They are an excellent agency, and I'm very happy with the work they did."


Erik Rothenberg
Founder and Managing Director

"Imagistic has enabled the creation of URSULA from a cold start to a truly revolutionary system of measurement and valuation. They have provided technology strategies we believe will drive success and business and operational processes to drive new levels of efficiency. ...their continued efforts will allow our clients to reach their goals of business growth and innovation."

Health Net

Lisa J. Haines
Vice President, Corporate Communications

"At the end of the assignment - which was delivered on budget and schedule - Imagistic presented us with a product that we are proud of."

Council on Competitiveness

Kimberly S. West
Director of Special Projects

"In the year and a half that Imagistic has been working for us, they have gone beyond our wildest expectations with their creativity and enthusiasm."

Hispanic American Periodicals Index (HAPI)

Orchid Mazurkiewicz

"Imagistic skillfully guided us through a lengthy discovery process as we documented every aspect of a system that we’d cobbled together over the last 40 years. By the end, their nuanced understanding of our work led to the design of a custom intranet application that will profoundly change—and improve—the way we do business."

California Pizza Kitchen

Sarah Goldsmith Grover
Chief Concept Officer & Executive Vice President

"Over the last several years, Imagistic has been an outstanding resource, helping us get to new levels in terms of both our Web and technology initiatives."

Innocence Project New Orleans

Jené O'Keefe Trigg
Managing Director

"Imagistic did a fantastic job at learning our needs and delivering a smart and well-designed new web site. The site, which is CMS-driven, provides significant advantages over our previous site, particularly in the areas of ease-of-use, content management flexibility, and marketing promotion including donations."

Montana Artists Agency

Rachel Garrison
Manager, Finance & Operations

"I would like to thank Imagistic for its strong attention to detail and exceptional client service during the development and implementation process of our new site."

Public/Private Ventures

Marty Miles
Senior Program Director

"Imagistic has effectively supported the needs of three separate projects for our nonprofit organization, took a real interest in the projects' goals, and helped us "non-techies" understand our various options. They were very creative in addressing challenges without putting us over budget, and have been very helpful when project directions have changed."

Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)

Penny Wells
Executive Director

"At SADD, we may be the experts in youth peer-to-peer prevention education, but reaching our chapters across the country using the latest technology has been a major challenge. Imagistic helped us undertake a major Web/data management project - they worked to understand our needs, find the best solution for us, and explain things in ways we could understand."

Squid & Squash Foundation

Diane Drummond Greenwood
Executive Director

“Absolutely, positively, without any reservation do I recommend Imagistic to ANY organization who might require website development expertise. Until my path crossed Imagistic, our website was the bane of my existence ... You guys are my "go to" web people and I will, unequivocally, highly recommend you to all associates and friends.”